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CBDfx 60mg 10ml


This is the mildest flavoured and lightest formula CBD oil for vaping. Whether you’re new to CBD (or vaping) and want to ease your way in, or you simply prefer a lighter strength option, you can’t go wrong with 10mL of pure CBD oil at 60mg concentration.

When you buy CBD oil, there are a lot of options to consider; after all, CBD vape products can be wildly different in terms of strength and dosage method depending on what you purchase.

This product is significantly less strong than some of its more potent siblings offered at CBDfx, and it’s aimed at users who are new to CBD or who simply prefer a milder effect or dosage of full-spectrum CBD. Like many medications or supplements, everyone reacts to CBD slightly differently — and this is your best bet to ease your way in and see if CBD is right for you.